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The barbaric beheading of an unarmed civilian journalist by ISIS is an utterly despicable crime and proves that there is nothing Islamic about the manufactured ‘Islamic State.’As faith leaders and theologians we condemn in the strongest terms the actions of ISIS who through the persecution of religious minorities, breaking centuries old covenants of security and tradition and inflicting heinous crimes against fellow humans in the most barbaric ways prove that they are no followers of the religion of Islam.

Suggestions of the involvement of British Muslims in these crimes are most worrying and we urge all Muslims to act swiftly in condemning ISIS and challenging their narratives of hate and division. ISIS presents a significant threat to Muslims and our faith, by destroying our history and breaking our traditions they are presenting a version of Islam that is alien to us.For those who feel any sympathy for these acts our message is simple - there is nothing Islamic about this manufactured ‘Islamic State,’ any involvement or sympathy with ISIS is akin to a rebellion against God’s message as understood by well over a billion Muslims worldwide and well established for over a millennia.

21st August 2014

Notes for editors: The statement above is on behalf of The Hazrat Sultan Bahu Trust and is supported by The Birmingham Muslim Community Reference Group consisting of over 50 Mosques and Muslim Community Organisations representing all denominations.

Contacts details: The Hazrat Sultan Bahu Trust – Mr Nadeem Malik, UK Director – 0121 440 4096

The Birmingham Muslim Community Reference Group – Dr Khurshid Ahmad CBE, Convenor – 0121 440 4096

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