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As-Sheikh Sultan Fiazul Hassan Qadri





As-Sheikh Sultan Fiazul Hassan Qadri is a world-renowned scholar of Islamic doctrine and the spiritual science of Sufism. He is the direct decendent of Sultan ul Arifeen Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahu (r.a). As leader of the Sarwari Qadri Sufi Order, As-Sheikh Sultan Fiazul Hassan Qadri also serves as a guide and teacher to approximately 1 million Muslims throughout the world, particularly in South Asia, UK, and Europe.

The amount of visitors to Hazrat Sultan Bahu Trust’s international network of centres and projects is estimated in the region of 800K to 1 million.




Formally educated at Darbar Hazrat Sultan Bahu Jhang and Lahore Pakistan


License to teach, guide and counsel students in Islamic spirituality from the renowned Sufi Master As-Sheikh Sultan Hassan Sarwari Qadri. Direct descendent and spiritual master through spiritual and family lineage from world renowned 16th century Sufi Mystic and Saint Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahu (r.a). World leader of the Sarwari Qadri Sufi Order.


Current Positions Held


Chairman, Hazrat Sultan Bahu Trust (International)

Chairman, Hazrat Sultan Bahu Trust (UK) (

Chairman, Takbeer TV (

Founder, Islamic Help (

President, Pakistan Mashaikh Council

Chairman Pakistan Milli Tehreek (


Major Achievements


Heading the Pakistan Mashaikh Council  As-Sheikh Sultan Fiazul Hassan Qadri is helping the to mobilise and enhance the lives of everyday Muslims to fight the threat of international terrorism and radicalisation.


Founded the Hazrat Sultan Bahu Trust, a religious organization dedicated to the propogation and enhancement of Islamic Education and the presentation of an authentic, scholarly Islamic viewpoint on world affairs.


Founded Hazrat Sultan Bahu Trust (Pakistan) an NGO working in remote areas of Pakistan to help eradicate poverty and suffering of the poor and destitute.


Established Islamic Help as a UK registered charity and International NGO to make a difference to the lives of those afflicted by poverty and suffering.


Founded Takbeer TV, a 24 hour digital television station dedicated to promoting and entertaining Muslims with the true principles of Islam within a family ethos.


Founded Aalmi Dawat-e-Islamia for developing, publishing and organizing conferences to provide classical Islamic education.

Founded MasjideHussain to cohesively manage the education and welfare of poor children to counteract the  threat of radicalization in Pakistan.


Founded United School System in Pakistan to provide a high quality education for primary age pupils with an Islamic ethos.


Works closely with the government and people of UK, Pakistan, and Europe to restore traditional Sufi practices and prevent the increase of religious radicals in the region.


Chairman of the Ramooz Publications, an acclaimed quarterly addressing issues of concern to Muslims in Pakistan.


Leads Annual Imam Hussain International Conference attended by over 500,000 people from all the world at the Shrine of Sultan Bahu Pakistan.


Leads Annual Pilgrimage and celebrations attended by over 300,000 people from all the world at the Shrine of Sultan Bahu Pakistan.


Founded 23 educational and religious establishments across the UK.

Founded Ward End Community College

Founded Al-Hira Neighbourhood Nursery

Founded TYGA (The Youth Generations Association)

Founded Radio Takbeer – Community radio station based in Birmingham UK


Educational Projects in Pakistan


United School System

Hira Academy Jhang

Al Hira Community College Mirpur

Holy College and Science Academy

School Projects in Rural areas (Sahival, Tatral, Toba Tek Singh, Chakwal, Gajar Gola, Aulakh Bai Ke Gujranwala, Panyala)

National One 2 One Orphan Sponsorship

Masjid Hussain (under construction)




Public Events and Keynote Speeches


As-Sheikh Sultan Fiazul Hassan Qadri is a world renowned speaker on matters of Islamic Principles and Sufism. He has spoken at international events all over the world in several languages.














Faizane Bahu

Sultani Wazaif


Authorised for spiritual counselling and guidance from the works of Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahu (r.a) including:


Divan of Bahu

The Spirit of al-Faqr - Translation of Ain al-Faqr

Risalah Roohi (Of the Spirit)

Shamsul Arifeen




2010 - present

2010 - present




Skype: sultanhassan9

Viber: 0300 816 22 44

UK Mobile: 07595042099

Pakistan Mobile: 0300 816 22 44


Twitter: @haqbahu

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