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Isme Zaat

The Practice of Isme Zaat


The objective of imprinting IsmeZaat (The personal name of God) on your heart can be attained in multiple ways.


The best recommended practice is as follows:


1. Get the IsmeZaat printed on a paper in clear font.

(Note: See side note to order a printed card, which contains the name of God printed in bold white colour, over a red background, providing a visualization of the name as written on one’s heart)


2. Fix a time for this practice at any time of the day, and set aside five to ten minutes every day without skipping.


3. Place the card directly in front of you, and look straight at the name, trying not to blink your eyes as much as possible, or looking sideways at anything else. Look straight at it for 5-10 minutes, fixing your vision on the middle letter (laam) of the name. You may try to bring thoughts of God or the blessed Court of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) in your mind during this time.


4. After finishing, now, using the index finger of your right hand, write the name of God (exactly as it appears on the card, not in any other language) on your heart (Chest). It writing motion should be such that, if you were to stand in front of a mirror after writing it, if you were could actually see what you have written e.g. using ink, then the name written on your chest should appear in the mirror, exactly as it appears on the card: So what this means is that if you were to write it look at it directly without the mirror, it would appear horizontally flipped. (This is shown in the diagram)


5. In similar way, you can use your right hand index finger to write the name on your forehead (recommended), and your eyes, lips, cheeks, ears, nose, shoulders, hands, chest and navel (for those who particularly wish to get rid of their base desires).


6. At the end, you should write the name of Muhammad(pbuh) on your chest (This name is written in green colour on the printed card). All the time, you should visualize that these names are actually being written on the places where you are writing them, in moon white, red, and sunlight brilliant colours.


Doing this exercise daily will gradually engrave the names of Allah and Muhammad(pbuh) on your heart, and once this name has taken its root in your being, its effects will automatically become manifest to you in your own personal experiences.

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