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Recent discussions and debates have brought together religious scholars, politicians, campaigners and communities to safeguard and protect the methods of halal and kosher slaughter.

A debate in the House of Lords on January 16th saw Lord Sheikh and Jewish peers, Baroness Deech, Lord Palmer and Rabbi Lord Sacks speak up in defence of halal and kosher slaughter methods.

The National Council of Imams and Rabbis of the Joseph Interfaith Foundation has further produced a strong statement in seeking to protect the process of halal & kosher slaughter and also states that this is in effect, an attack on religious freedoms .

The Islamic Council for Halal Affairs, a platform of Scholars and Community Representatives have produced an online petition urging the Government to ensure that existing legislation surrounding religious slaughter continues.

The Hazrat Sultan Bahu Trust urges you to sign and support this petition.

For further information please use the following: ONLINE PETITION UNSTUNNED HALAL (pdf | 176kb)

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