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Muslims in the UK have made, and are making, a considerable and positive contribution to society but too often we find that contribution being neglected and our community demonised. The negative portrayal of Muslims is far from the truth and it’s something we will continue to strive to overcome by engaging in the democratic process and through education and public awareness. So events like today’s can only help in making the public aware of what we are giving to society.

James Brokenshire, the Home Office Security Minister, was the main speaker at the debate hosted by the H azrat Sultan Bahu Trust (HSBT) in Birmingham. The event also featured a host of delegates representing the city’s different faiths, voluntary and community organisations.

Among them was the Lord Bishop of Birmingham, the Rt Rev David Urquart; Pir Niaz ul Hassan, co - fou nder and trustee of HSBT; Rabbi Margaret Jacobi, from the Progressive Synagogue; West Midlands Assistant Chief Constable Marcus Beale; representatives from the Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist faiths , plus the city council and other groups.

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